Mt Peak Chiropratic

Joni Gray, D.C.

use this oneMy health career began with a focus on sports medicine at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. After receiving my masters degree, I continued my studies at Northwestern Chiropractic College (now Northwestern Health Sciences) in Bloomington, Minnesota, graduating in 1993 as a Doctor of Chiropractic. I launched Mt Peak Chiropractic later that year in New London, New Hampshire.

In 2005, I moved my practice to Littleton, New Hampshire. I continue to offer my New London area patients the opportunity to be treated on the first Wednesday of every month in New London.

In 2011, I added Morphogenic Field Technique to my practice and now offer nutritional therapy and whole food supplements to my patients at both office locations. See my Nutritional Care page for details. Currently, I have joined a handful of chiropractors from around the world in an Advanced Mastery Class presented by Dr. Sue Brown, founder of Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI).

Through 20 years as a chiropractor, my goal to bring increased freedom and wellness to my patients, has stayed true.

“Assisting people to be freer within themselves and more vibrant, is an amazing journey for me.  I am so honored.”