Mt Peak Chiropratic



I came to Dr. Gray based on a strong referral from a close friend for what I believed to be a sprained ankle after weeks of my own “therapy”, which did not include listening to my body. What actually transpired was a realization that the pain in my ankle may not have been from overexertion of running, but from changes in my life that had occurred and I had no control over. I had recently dropped my daughter off at college and had just gone through a divorce. Complete devotion to my daughter and running were my outlet, now I had neither.

I felt I no longer knew who I was or what I was supposed to do. I needed to find out who I really was.  I was no longer defined by who I was married to, my job, or being a mom. I needed to find out that there was a whole lot more to me, I wasn’t just a caregiver to everyone else, I needed to take care of Me, thus I started my life changing experience with Dr. Gray. Through many appointments Dr. Gray has assisted me with the healing of my ankle, of course, but also the healing of entire body. I have learned to listen to what my body is telling me and to channel my internal strengths to positive outcomes. Although Dr. Gray still thinks I do not drink enough water, eat enough protein, slow down or sleep enough, (Rome wasn’t built in a day!) I am now realizing the importance of each for the success of my growth in this life learning process. This is only the first step.

What started out as an appointment to “just fix my ankle” has turned into a life change experiencing and self-realization of who I am and what I want to be.  Thank you Joni! — TH


I had radiation treatment for rectal cancer, and while the tumor did shrink, it wound up that I was over radiated. This lead to my intestinal system being damaged, causing almost constant discomfort. After trying many different types of treatment, I was referred to Dr. Joni Gray. Finally, I found someone who could help ease my discomfort, Following Dr. Gray’s advice regarding nutrition and self care, as well as her chiropractic practice, I have felt better on many levels. With her help, I have found relief where I didn’t think it was possible. I would recommend Dr. Gray to everyone who believes that they can be healthy and with her knowledge, professionalism and compassion, she can lead the way. –CF


Joni has recently helped me with a hiatal hernia. She transported me from extreme discomfort to really okay, a huge leap in a matter of minutes. Of course, some conditions take longer adjustment times. Not being a chiropractor person, I only went after several trusted friends recommended her. In the past three years, I have been consistently impressed with Joni’s ability to teach me about the body/mind connection. — KL